Public Art

I designed and produced the 5Ws, a multi-layer project consisting of a series of public art installations (created by Ana Teresa Fernandez, with lighting design by Johanna Grawunder), creative workshops in collaboration with social justice and community based organizations, publicly accessible chalkboards (designed by Ana Teresa Fernandez), a re‐purposed newspaper kiosk hosting exhibitions, and an online interactive storytelling digital map. Each of these components was designed to explore and share thoughts and questions about the histories and future of a neighborhood in flux and undergoing a process of controversial change.

The public art installations were an integral component of a robust engagement and exploration of the histories and stories in the hearts and minds of the people who live, work and play in the neighborhood. The 5W sculptures pose a physical question and offered opportunities to question and explore: Who, What, When Where and Why?

I curated site-specific exhibitions for the 16th Street BART Station in San Francisco, 2007-2010.

DREAM, a ten feet tall shimmering sculpture, is situated on Bernal Hill in San Francisco’s Excelsior and can be seen by commuters as they enter and leave San Francisco.

I designed and produced the DREAM, a project consisting of the YBCA commissioned public art installation by artist Ana Teresa Fernández, and an Artist in Residence program at Martin Luther King Jr. Academic Middle School, which is less than a mile from Fernández’s sculpture.

I stared YBCA’s partnership with SFUSD and MLK Middle school in 2015. The Artist Residency Program grew out of a desire to both lay the groundwork and involve the neighborhood in the process of DREAM and as a way for us to provide an outlet for students to creatively wrestle with issue that deeply affect their lives.

The highly visible sculpture serves as both an inspiration for the curriculum developed with the school, and a reflection of the power of creative process to enable students to think critically about their world.